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Onyeka Onwenu Chronicles Her Life’s Journey In Memoir “My Father’s Daughter” ,

Onyeka Onwenu set to release Memoir titled ‘ My Father’s Daughter’

Nigerian Music Legend, activist, and politician, Onyeka Onwenu is set to release her memoir titled, “My Father’s Daughter.”

The book, published by Expand Press and expected to be officially released on the 1st of October, 2020, is a deeply personal account of the life of the iconic musician.

The autobiography reveals Onwenu’s formative contact with feminism and how her father’s life heavily influenced her decision to join politics is deftly explored.

The singer also chronicled her experience as a teenage girl during the Nigeria-Biafran Civil War and how the historical occurrence affected her view of life. She narrated how the family remained bound amidst the chaos are themes that Onwenu serves up in her book

Onwenu tells the story of her share of sexual harassment at the workplace and the reason she left her job at the United Nation. The account also covered her time as a journalist in America, the failed political scenery of Nigeria, the stigmatisation of the Igbo Ethnic group in Nigeria, post-war Nigeria, her marriage and family.

She equally documents the challenges she faced as a politician. She uncovers the failing state of Nigerian politics, and it is surprising how some of the difficulties faced after independence are still prevalent in the current political clime of the country.

The memoir didn’t fail to look into the music career journey of the metro. Onwenu took time to reveal secrets that were thought to be buried in the entertainment industry during her time in the space.

Onyeka Onwenu set to release Memoir titled ‘ My Father’s Daughter’
Onyeka Onwenu set to release Memoir titled ‘ My Father’s Daughter’

She also exposes the exploitation of musicians by industry leaders and practitioners – an issue that still ravages artistes’ relationships with major industry partners in contemporary Nigeria. Artistes’ rivalry is also discussed by Onwenu and how unhealthy competitions led to numerous cracks. Her transition from a musician to an actor is also chronicled as well.

Onwenu’s patriotism and love for Nigeria is quite palpable throughout the book. Little wonder that My Father’s Daughter will be officially released to coincide with the 60th year Independence Day celebration of the country.

Onwenu’s memoir is available for pre-order on Rovingheights website.

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