The issue unstable power supply has been Nigerians biggest problem. Over six decades after independence, Nigerians still cannot boost of constant power.

Even when they do have supply, Nigerians are charge with exorbitant bills often described as crazy. To state that Nigerians have suffered a great deal from the hands of their respective power distribution companies is an understatement. ‘

In the new episode of the “Public Eye”,  Funmi Iyanda discusses increased tariffs and the solution to the electricity problem in the country with Power Up Nigeria founder, Adetayo Adegbemie, and the CDA Chairman of Residents association, Olawale Augustine Olalusi.

Almost a decade after the privatization of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, Nigerians have not found succour for their plethora of issues as regarding electricity distribution and consumption.

The episode sheds light on the institutional lapses that have made the sector to strive only with government grants and the constant failure that has caused the whole arrangement to be a pain the neck of ordinary Nigerians.

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