The story of the former First Lady of the United State of America, Michelle Obama will forever be an inspiration to many folks around the world, especially those who look up to her.

The wife of the first black President of the world most powerful country, Barack Obama recently released by autobiography, “Becoming,” which is the best-selling memoir of all time.

The book even won a Grammy following the publication of her book early last year.

Michelle and her husband founded a production company, Higher Ground, a company that seek to tell stories about vital issues that affect the lives of many around the world.

Her upcoming documentary “Michelle Obama: Life After The White House” steps into the world of this extraordinary former First Lady, who still holds her role as mother to Melia and Sasha above all other titles.

Directed by Jordan Hill, executive produced by Dana Webber, ‘Michelle Obama: Life After The White House’ is distributed by Legacy Distribution.

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Station Magazine recalls that Michelle, alongside her husband, has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump.

She criticised his reaction to the Corona Virus Pandemic that has taken the lives of millions of American.

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