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Lagos Building Collapse: Father Narrates His Last Discussion With His Dead Son

A father, who lost one of his sons in the rubbles of the three-storey building that collapsed in Lagos Island has narrated the last discussion he had with him.

Station Magazine understands that the building collapsed claimed an unconfirmed number of lives, while about 50 persons including children have been rescued from the site, the Lagos State State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), confirms.

The father, Abdulfatah Ayoola, while speaking to newsmen narrated how his son requested that he prayed for him before taking him to school that morning.

Ayoola, who could not hide his tears added that he had been nurturing the thought of changing the school of his son before now.

“He woke up late for school. After taking his breakfast, he requested for money but I told him there’s no need for money since he has his lunch with him.

“Then he said, ‘daddy, pray for me before I go’, and I did exactly as he requested. He walked to school which is just a few meters from the house.

“I don’t think I can sleep tonight. My late son and I did almost everything together; we ate together, prayed together, spent time discussing. I was introducing him to life because he was my eldest child.

“I visited Kings’ College not too long and liked the academic atmosphere. and I was assured that an interview date will be communicated to me soon but now I can’t take him there anymore because Fawad is gone. God gives and take, we cannot question Him.

” All I need to do now is pray for him, console the mother, I know of a family who lost four of their children in the building, what will be their fate? Praise be to Allah for everything,” the father lamented.



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