“Because You Love Me” (Part 2) Prose Series


I kept dragging the bag as everything keep scattering, I bent to pick the scattered books that fell from the bucket that I have placed the books, then I felt a brush on my shoulder,

“sorry” he said, as he helps pick up my fallen books. I was short of words as I murmured some incoherent words.

“You the new occupant?” the voice spoke again.

“yes, I am,” I respond swiftly.

“I’m Oladimeji” he said, stretching his hand towards me.

“I’m Feyikemi” I said, reaching for his hands. He went ahead to introduce himself more.

“I’m your next-door neighbor, a 300-level student studying physics in this our prestigious university,” he said while smiling. I’m a 100-level student, I will be studying statistics I replied.

I got into the house not after Oladimeji had helped arranged the house, hanged my clothes and gist me enough about the school. At a quarter past 4, he brought in my lunch, while he continued with his gist. He is such a good storyteller. In the evening, he introduced me to the other neighbors who are also students in the same school.

In no time I got fond of him, as he always comes to the faculty to check on me after his class and to assist with my registration, we became good friends both at school and in the hostel. After two weeks of rigorous registration, classes began. Then it became a culture for Oladimeji to always come to my class after his. Oladimeji are you not tired of coming into my class I asked him on our way home one day, “I will never get tired” he said.

We became intimate friends that we couldn’t do without each other. He became my backbone during exams as we read together, he goes out of his way to get me materials to read, and Oladimeji became my everything.

In the third week of his finals and my second year, he asked me out. I gave in without a second thought. I lay down on the bed as he undresses me, it was a beautiful moment, yet my heart kept racing.

“Are you sure about this”, I asked him.

“yes” Feyikemi, he answered.

“I will forever cherish this moment”, he added.

I don’t want to break my grandma oath of remaining a virgin till my wedding night I said again. He agreed not to have sex with me, after making him see reasons not to, because on my grandmas dying bed, I had promised her to be a saint till my wedding night.

“It was her last wish,” I said again.

Despite not having sexual intercourse, our love became stronger; he professes his love for me everywhere and anywhere.

On the night of his convocation, the hostel organized a party for the grads. The party ended at 2 am, not after I have had enough alcohol in my system. I nauseated over and over, which made Oladimeji spend the night in my room. I rushed to the toilet again, then I saw him behind me

“Baby you shouldn’t have drunk this much,” he said.

“Yeah, right,” I answered him.

“You need to shower, that may help you” he suggested.

I had a warm bath, got out of the tub to see Oladimeji fast asleep, this guy is handsome I said underneath my breath, I went over him and kissed him, his response was swift and beautiful at the same time, I could hear my heart beat pump more than normal, he asked me if I was sure about it.

“Just promise me that you will marry me please,” I muttered.

“If I don’t marry you, who will I ever marry, I love only you Feyikemi, I want to spend the rest of my life with you baby.” With us promising ourselves repeatedly, he slides into me, I felt pain all over me but then it a pleasure shared between me and the person I love.

After the first night, we shared every night together and for each time we kept reassuring ourselves of a never dying love.

Six months into his national youth service year, he got a call from his uncle who stays in the United Kingdom to come for his second degree in mechanical engineering. It has always been his biggest dream to become an engineer, and when the opportunity came, he grabbed it.

I had taken the news by heart, just because I believe we can never lose contact not even in this jet age where social media can make us stay connected. I saw him off to the airport on the day of his departure, it was so difficult to see him go, as he is a part of my life.

{What Happens Next? stay with us for part 3}

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About the Author:

Ogunyomi Adenike Felicia is a banker by day and a prose writer by night. She has a special obsession for telling stories and seeing movies. She values her family and loves her family. She exhibits her flair for StationMagFollow her on Facebook
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Joshua Oyenigbehin is an introvert who is passionate about Storytelling, writing, and teaching. He sees his imagination as an unsearchable world, more magical than a fairyland. He has written a novel and working on another

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  1. Very well written,simple…with a mastery of story telling,Adenike is a very good writer

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