Nigerians on Twitter are asking questions about the exact amount members of the National Assembly particularly members of the House of Representative earn.

The question let to the dragging of Akin Alabi, the CEO of NairaBet and a member of the lower chamber of the National assembly.

Alabi had, prior to his swearing-in as a member of the lower chamber, promised to reveal the detail as regards the amount the members in the lower house earn.

Although, he made good his promise as he gave the break down of the incentives enjoyed by the legislature in a blog post.

“In his post he said Anyway, talking about the allowance, for both Housing and Furniture, I got (N3,970,000.00 plus N7,940,000.00). I am told I will get it ONLY ONCE in 4 years. You see why I have become humble? lol.” he said.

However, Twitter users have been asking him to fulfil his promise. While some did not know that he has fulfilled his promise, others seemed not to believe the revelation in his blog post.

See what they have to say:

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