Oyedele Adedokun, a ballpoint artist who drew the portrait of Donald Trump, the President of the United State, has said he was bothered about the pay he got for his artworks when he first started.

Adedokun was celebrated on Twitter after Trump acknowledged and commended him for his drawing of him.

“Not only did I see it. I think it is fantastic. You are a wonderful artist, never give up your dream!” Trump had written on Twitter.

While granting an interview, the artist recalled how he started out his career with meagre pay, particularly his first artwork, which fetched him only N500 Airtel recharge card.

“Yeah. It fetched me N500 Airtel recharge card back then. I cannot forget,” he said.

He said that at some point he thought twice about taking on art as a career in Nigeria, owing to his inability to foot his bills.

“No. it is not about money. No. No. No. For me, Art is not about money. When I first started, people were giving me jobs of N3000, N4000. I was happy then because it was not about money but about creating something,” he said.

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He stated further that the passion he had for the craft made him stick to it even when he was still struggling to earn a living from it.

He added that Trump’s commendations of his artwork work is spurring him to do more.

“It is indescribable,” he said when asked about his feelings after Trump lauded his work.

“I do not have words to express how I felt. It was overwhelming. It was amazing. That Trump portrait means a lot to me. People have been reaching out to me, admiring my work.”

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