Mount Zion Drama Ministry is out with its latest series called the “Abattoir”.

The series tells the story of a young teacher, Martins, who has seemed to be reliving his troubled past. Martins, who lost his mother to his brutal cultist of a Father, still had these bad memories hovering over him.

The film started with the younger Martin witnessing an argument between his mother and their help. Not too long, his mother was murdered in cold blood.

Martins, however, discovered that his father had something to do with the death of his mother. He lived with the pain of his mother’s murder and hatred of having a murderous father.

The series features acts like Kayode Owojori, Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, Moses Korede-Are, Kayode Babalola, Goodness Adegbola and others.

The series was written, directed and produced by Damilola Mike Bamiloye.

The New Christian Storytelling

Without a doubt, the emergence of Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, who is presently treading in the step of his father, has brought fresh air to Christian filmmaking in Nigeria.

We thought we had seen it all with the production quality of “The Train”, a biopic about the Life and Ministry of Mike Bamiloye, the founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry. However, with “Abbatior,” we see new light and grace in the Christian storytelling.

The first two episodes of the series have affirmed to all that our everyday reality has a spiritual dimension. The storytelling reveals the coherence between realism and spirituality.

The “Abattoir” Review

Every element employed to tell the story in the series was instrumental to the spearlike impact of the story in our heart. The Lightening, music and cinematography were almost perfect for setting the right mood in the mind of the viewer.

The creativity of Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, the Cinematographer on the production, gave me much joy. As a matter of, the shot that ended the scene, where the inspector and Chief Durosanya were dialoguing in their fraternity terms, sank into my heart like the drop of cold water on a thirsty tongue.

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It is important we give special applause to the actors and actresses in the series. They did everything right to portray the emotion that drives the story. The young version of the character Martins, played by Goodness Adegbola, was compelling. Kayode Owojori also gave us an outstanding performance.

If I tell you that I am not surprised and concerned about the fact that this series is being released for free on YouTube, I would be lying. Every creator wants to make money off his/her production, however, Mount Zion films want to ‘make’ souls for God rather than money.

The Downside of the Production

One area that I think the quality of the production was called to question was the fact that there was little or no regards for time and period between the time of Martins’ teenage years and fifteen years after; no tangible difference in terms of props and location.

I understand and totally excused these lapses. Mount Zion films are produced with a meagre budget. This is why the ministry is asking for help from people who have been best by their content.

Donate To Mount Zion Film Ministry

Here are the ministry’s bank details if you are moved to donate. BANK NAME : DIAMOND ACCESS ACC. NAME: MOUNT ZION FAITH MINISTRY ACC NO: 0005335607 You can reach this number to verify: 08038323367

Watch Episode 1

Episode II

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