Short Prose: “The Beauty Of Being Used” By Chidera Ifechukwu


The Beauty Of Being Used

Camille realized something today as she watched the man move above her ferociously, wondering how much longer before he gives out. The art of sex didn’t fancy her, not anymore. It was something you gave to men to get what you really wanted; power. She studied his expression shift from mild fascination to pure concentration; like if she flicked her wrist, he will be snapped to reality and to the abomination he is causing upon her sensitive skin.

More, more… he kept grunting like a dog in heat. She could bet that it was the same expression he had when he took a dump at the toilet. She would laugh but she needed this to be over, quickly. She turned to see the time, relieved that in 30 seconds, she could go pee. She wanted to badly and was almost tempted to do it right there on the bed. It was her own form of relief from this madness and tension building inside her body. Seeing him still as he released himself in the fabric that protected her from being a victim of unwanted pregnancy, she gave a soft sigh as if she had experienced pure bliss like he had.

Not wanting him to land on her, she shifted slightly and moved out of the bed, dashing into the bathroom as she aimed for her goal. Letting the tension out, she moaned so loudly, one would think she was touching herself. It was the best orgasm she could ever guarantee herself. After what felt like a minute in heaven, Camille sauntered into the bedroom, pretending to sway a little like her leg couldn’t keep up with what has just happened just to satisfy him. He was good to look at. Old Camille would have been swooning by now; but new Camille…she loved new Camille.

“That was awesome. You seemed distracted”. And as if on cue…

“Sorry. Something happened and I’m kind of worried”, she said, her feminine weakness causing his ego to spike.

“Hey what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just stupid scammers that got a hold of moneg in my account before I could block the card. I have to find a way to get it back to buy some textbooks for school”. He pulled her closer to him as he rocked her slowly, oblivious to her staring at him with a mock expression.

“How much do you need?”

“No, you shouldn’t”

“But I want to. I can send 200k”

“I can’t let you. What about…” she leaves the question incomplete, the unsaid name hanging in the air.

“It’s fine. She’ll just have to be patient to get that bag. This is more important”

“If you feel so. But I will pay you back”

“If that will make you happy”. He kissed her lips gently, her body igniting this time around to at least enjoy this last moment. Her graduation was tomorrow and she was going to Atlanta for the holiday, courtesy of her parents as graduation present. This was the last time she was going to see him as she watched him do sinful things to her.

He doesn’t deserve you Camille

He has a girlfriend

You’re just being used.

And they were all right. But at least, she was being used on her own terms.

Chidera Ifechukwu is a student and a passionate writer. She blogs at

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