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Attent Join Art Of Technology & Tech Giants In “Bridging The Gap” To Create A Smarter Lagos

Lagos State Art of Technology/AOT LAGOS 1.0

Technology is fast shaping the way we live and with this evolution comes the need for our Lagos to evolve, from being a megacity to a smart city. In this movement, technology is expected to play a critical role. Tech needs to interplay with Lagos in order to achieve smart Lagos ambition and that exactly is the gap AoT Lagos is bridging.

Art of Technology/AOT LAGOS 1.0 will bring together 2000 Tech giants, Policymakers, Government officials, Venture capitalists, Product designers, Cultural Architects, Software engineers/programmers, Creative architects, Innovators, Tech enthusiasts and a whole new wave of Lagosians to drive innovations that will pave way for the evolution of a smarter, digital, and a more efficient Lagos.

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Conversations at the AOT Conference will centre on Tech & Culture, Building MVPs, Consumer-centric products (and not just apps), The future of work, Funding mechanics, Women in tech and even the ‘Hard-Talk’ where truths are laid bare by both the government and tech community. After insightful keynotes and a series of focused workshops, innovators will have a chance to showcase products that solve Lagos’ problems and in return win a juicy deal from the Lagos State Government.

AOT 1.0 will be filled with speakers and panellists from Africa and around the world, insightful conversations, keynotes, exhibitions, experiences, and immense networking opportunities.

The Keynote speakers feature experts in Innovation, Big data, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. Their discussion will explore new realities and suggest ways local tech innovators can become and remain competitive. They’ll decode the complex advances in these fields to reveal a constantly evolving world that is changing in exciting ways to create the world we currently inhabit and the future.

Whether your company is on the verge of a high-tech breakthrough, or about to take off, these top technology keynote speakers can help you. Their takeaways will help you revolutionize your organization, markets, customers, and society at large.

Date: Thursday, December 5 – Friday, December 6, 2019.
Time: 9 AM.
VenueOriental Hotel, Victoria Lagos.

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