Because You Love Me (Part 4) (Prose Series)

I decided to look gorgeous for the dinner date. I wore a flowery pink dress, packed my hair into a ponytail, wore a silver heel with a silver clutch to match. I got to the restaurant a bit late, he smiled at sighting me.

“Hey beautiful,” he said, as he stood up to hug me. The dinner was more of apologizing repeatedly, I repeatedly told him that he is forgiven.

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The dinner I had with Adeola opened so many chapters in my life, he brought laughter and calmed my trouble, in a way I fell in love with him. Three months after our first date, he asked me to be his girl, I acted like I don’t want it at first, but after 2 weeks of intense pressure, I agree. It was a new beginning for me, I found love once again.

Adeola isn’t the regular guy, he is hanky, a fashionista to the core. He is a lover of good clothes, good music (contemporary, jazz, rap and reggae) which I all have flair for. He is romantic, handsome and intelligent. Within a few months of dating him, we traveled around the country for leisure activities and sport. Adeola got me wanting every second. we watch football together while we argued about the best club, he is a stubborn Chelsea fan, while I support arsenal.

Eight months into our relationship, Adeola engaged me right before family members. My emotions erupted like a volcano. it was a beautiful moment which I want to live and cherish for every day of my life.

Hey baby, Adeola tried waking me up, I had been lost in thought for over one hour, I checked the time to see it few minutes to 2 am, why aren’t you sleeping Adeola said after waking me up. Nothing, just happy that I married the man of my dream, but deep down me that wasn’t what I wanted me. we made sweet love, the best we have ever had that night, to the beginning of a good life he said as he strolled to the bathroom. I turned my back as I want to get myself lost in the thought of Oladimeji, but then nature cheated me as I slept off almost immediately.

We started our honeymoon the next morning, in an undisclosed place to friends and family, we want to be alone in our own little world.

On the third day of our honeymoon, I heard Adeola shouting at someone over the phone. He was shocked to see me when I stepped into the room.

“Who are you arguing with?” I enquired from him.

“it’s nothing to worry about,” he said, as he gently taps my back, the way he always does when he wants to talk me into understanding. Around 3 am that night, I woke up from an incoherent sound to discover my husband wasn’t beside me.

I walked briskly to the bathroom to check for him, he paused as he saw me approach, and the next thing he said shocked me.

“Why are you stalking me?” he said, I found it really hard to find my voice, I was shocked.

“What did you say?” I asked to be sure he was referring to me.

Who else is with us in this room?” he asked loudly, “woman I am not in for this,” he said and walked out of me. I was so confused about what was happening, I have never ever seen him like that, I run towards him as he walked down to the sitting room.

“Adeola what is happening, what is wrong, why are you acting like this?” I said all together as I couldn’t fathom all that was happening, he didn’t answer despite asking him so many times.

After hours of trying to figure out what was wrong and not getting it, he left the house at 7 am without telling me where he was heading to. I kept calling his line all through the day till late night and yet he didn’t come home that night. I couldn’t sleep well that night. I kept wondering what might have gone wrong. it felt so surreal. it barely a week in our marriage and yet Adeola is already acting like a man I never dated.

He came home the next morning all apologetic. I forgave him but then I was still so curious to know what triggered his actions and the fact that he shouted at me. I also needed to know why he failed to return home last Night.

With a ridiculous smile, he asked me to dress up. He wanted to compensate for his nasty behaviour with a nice meal. I got dressed up and a few minutes past the hour of four we were inside the car. I wore a white polo on a denim jean with a face cap and a blue sandal. I sat down quietly in the car, as I haven’t gotten over all that happened.

I didn’t alter a word while we were in the car. I got down from the car after he parked. He held me from the back. He smiled sheepishly at the security guards at the entrance. He pulled out a chair for me to have a seat. 30minutes into the lunch, he started a conversation.

“Baby you know I don’t mean to hurt you, I know I acted like I was high yesterday night or let say under a spell, I swear it wasn’t intentional, I don’t want to hurt you the more that why I had to leave the hotel, I received a call from the office and the news didn’t get well with me. I am deeply sorry.” He kept apologizing. He narrates what happened repeatedly while I kept nodding to his gibberish, so I felt.

On our way back to the hotel, he started the apology talk once again, I kept nodding because I still couldn’t believe him. The rest of the honeymoon wasn’t as interesting as I planned, but I played along and then I planned on finding Oladimeji’s number, he also owes me so many explanations.

A week after the honeymoon I resumed back to work with the reception in the office out of this world. Demilade my husband nephew the one that made me meet Adeola rushed into my office after the assembly, “Aunty Feyi I missed you he shouted. He had moved out of Adeola’s house to grandma’s house during the wedding preparation.

“Hey, big boy” I hugged him. “How are you?” I said.

Demilade spent the whole of his lunch break in my office after our first meeting in the morning, he kept gisting me about granny’s house, and how he is happy that I married his uncle.

“Demilade will you come around during the holiday?” I asked him as he was about leaving my office.

“Aunty I will come around if you will always be at home to take me tutorials and promise me that I will always follow you to anywhere you are going,” he said with a smile.

I got home after work that day, showered and then prepared dinner. I sat down on the large cushion as I relax my head on the throw pillow as I stare on the television and then nature took its course on me. I woke up to my ringing phone, I dragged the phone on the small table beside the chair, with a sleepy eye I picked and spoke to the receiver. The caller didn’t talk on time, so I decided to drop the call, and then came the husky voice “Feyikemi” the voice spoke, I startled as I stood up abruptly while the sleep suddenly disappeared from my eyes,
“Oladimeji” I screamed.

Is Oladimeji back to reconcile with Feyi? (Watch out for part 4)

Ogunyomi Adenike Felicia is a banker by day and a prose writer by night. She has a special obsession for telling stories and seeing movies. She values her family and loves her family. She exhibits her flair for StationMagFollow her on Facebook


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